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posted by OfRedAndBlue on 18th May 2014, 7:11 PM

Hi everyone! :) 

So The Dream Argument has been on hiatus for what I feel has been too long! I have so many awesome plans for the comic that I can't let them go to waste. But, so much of my time lately has had to go towards (paid) commissions because my time to work on art is limited to evenings and weekends due to having to work a full-time job at the same time. 

However, someone has brought my attention to Patreon! 

Patreon is this lovely little site that lets you donate on a per-content basis towards art, videos, music, etc. that you would like to see more of! So basically, you set an amount you'd like to donate per-comic, set a limit for the month, and away we go! If I make no updates that month, it doesn't cost you a dime, if I make more updates that month than you can possibly afford, Patreon never goes over your set limit! As a bonus, I get a steady stream of income that allows me to devote more time to making The Dream Argument become a reality and YOU get regular updates (and other cool perks!).

The comic itself will ALWAYS be free to view for everyone; but as a contributor you will get sneak-peaks of the comic in it's 'work in progress' stage, and also see the finished comic a day before it hits the main page. There are other cool perks too, but you can read about them at my Patreon page:

Even if you can't contribute (times are tough, sigh), I am always appreciative of people reading and sharing both the comic and my Patreon page! Seriously, even just a signal boost would be amazing. Help me make my dream of making comics come true, just $1 at a time!


Cheers and thank you in advance! :)

-- Dani Taillefer


posted by OfRedAndBlue on 26th Oct 2013, 5:25 PM

Hi all, just wanted to throw up a quick blog to apologize for the lack of updates. My nana passed away this week so I have been out of town to be with my family and help make arrangements for her funeral. While this is an obviously understandable reason for a lack of new comics, I am hoping to be able to give you two updates this week to make up for it (because drawing always makes me feel better anyway). 

Thanks for being understanding. <3


-- Dani

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